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It plays a vital role in the development of transcription business. It can be related to a variety of subjects as general transcriptions are not specialized. These can be telephonic conversations, teleconferences, webinars, seminars, classes, speeches and anything that can be recorded. Here, we transcribe these audios to textual format with utmost accuracy within the stipulated time required.

Medical Transcription
We transcribe all medical-related documents. We convert all medical voice-recorded reports dictated by physicians or other healthcare professionals into text-formatted medical reports. We also transcribe medical interviews and lectures.

Academic Transcription
Our academic transcription services are being used by professors and students of universities from US and other countries. We transcribe these audios to text format guaranteeing utmost accuracy. We convert lectures, thesis, doctoral work, conferences, interviews, research data, group discussions, seminars, etc. into textual-formatted documents which will be helpful for the students in their studies and research work. We cover all specialties of research work.

Media Transcription
It involves converting documentaries, films, podcasts, television shows, reality shows, talk shows, radio broadcasts, video-taped events, raw footage, etc. into text format. We cover these specialties with utmost accuracy and precision.
Insurance Transcription
This not only helps insurance companies get countless recorded conversations transcribed into written forms for future references, but also allows them to speed up the process of claims, investigations and ensure on-time settlements of insurance cases. This involves documents like recorded statements, summary reports, probes, property damage report, insurance reports for assets, holdings and more. With our quick and accurate transcription, claims are handled in a speedy manner.

Legal transcription
We work on legal transcription, like hearings, interrogations involved in casework for law firms, public prosecutors and attorneys. All general legal correspondences are transcribed from audio format into text format. The involved transcribers have good knowledge of law which helps them to provide accurate textual format of any of the court proceedings.