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Healthcare providers are facing the complexities of medical billing operations with challenges such as:

Lower A/R

Low cash flows

Insufficient resources

Declining reimbursements

Lack of reporting/analytics

Business Impact of Compliance programs

HIPAA, HITECH, OIG Compliance and the PPACA have all come, and to stay. Collectively these Acts:

Increase the number of beneficiaries

Reduce payments in several areas

Reduce patient time for physicians

Increase administrative burden requiring expensive management, IT and consultative resources

Cause tremendous ambiguity in areas such as Pay for Performance

Expose physicians and their organizations up to unparalleled business risks.

We strongly believe that provider organizations that have not made progress around the business impact of regulations will be at a great disadvantage in future years due to the ongoing shift in the way that the industry functions, accompanying technologies and the overall facility-physician-patient interaction model.

With Wave Online, you not only have security in our healthcare compliance program but also our expertise to set a course for your future. Our knowledge, experience and execution capabilities in these areas will help increase physician FFS revenue, reduce costs by about 25% which can be used to defray technology and other investments in management, tools and program implementation.

Wave Online

Wave Online has designed and implemented Information Security Management System that is based on ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard and is in line with HIPAA.
Each and every project we undertake is in proper alignment with all the data confidentiality protocols.